What is web 3? The future of web 3?

Web3 (also called Web 3.0) is a plan for the internet’s future that is open, safe, and decentralised. It is based on blockchain technology, which lets people trade and interact with each other directly without the need for middlemen.

It’s still in the early stages of developing Web3, but it has the potential to change many fields and parts of our lives. It might make it possible for new kinds of social media, finance, and government, for instance.

Key features of Web3

Here are some of the key features of Web3:

  • Decentralization: The government or any one group does not control Web3. It is instead run by a group of computers all over the world.
  • Openness: Các quy tắc và giao thức tạo nên Web3 là nguồn mở. Điều đó có nghĩa là bất kỳ ai cũng có thể sử dụng công nghệ của nó và giúp nó phát triển.
  • Security: Web3 is safe because of cryptography. It’s very hard to hack or change data because of this.

Future of Web

The future of Web3 is still uncertain, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet.

Here are some of the potential future applications of Web3:

  • Decentralized social media
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Web3 governance
  • The metaverse

Overall, Web3 could change a lot of different fields and parts of our lives. You should keep an eye on it in the years to come, even though it is still in its early stages of growth.