What is Whitepaper? Why should you read it first?

White Paper, Whitepaper or Cryptocurrency whitepaper is a detailed document that talks about the technical and economic aspects of that cryptocurrency. Usually, the development team or core members of the cryptocurrency write it. It is a guide for investors, miners, and users.

The whitepaper explains what the cryptocurrency is for, what it can do, and how it works. It has important technical details like how consensus is reached, how mining works, and how the network is set up. It usually also says what the economic goals are for the cryptocurrency and why it is being made. The whitepaper is a source of information for people who want to learn more about the coin or token and the technology behind it. It is also used to give potential investors information about the project and help them decide whether or not to invest.
The most important step for a crypto startup to be seen as legitimate and professional is to write a whitepaper. This helps investors understand how a business is different from others in the same space.

Why should I read it first?

Whitepapers are important to the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. Whitepapers have become a way to research crypto projects, even though there are no rules for how to make them.
Reading the project’s whitepaper is a good place to start when you want to learn about crypto. Users can use whitepapers to find possible warning signs or projects that look good. Users can also check to see if a project is staying true to its original plans and goals.

Whitepapers can make projects more open and fair by making the most important information about them public. Whitepapers can help a lot of different people. For example, investors can use them to make better decisions about investments, and developers can decide if they want to join the protocol or not. Also, after reading it, a person who is interested in the idea can decide with more certainty if he wants to join a certain community.

So If you want to find out more about blockchain, then you should read a white paper. White papers are a great way to learn about blockchain projects and make smart decisions about where to invest.

I actually talk about a whitepaper on Bitcoin in The First Crypto Coin Post. You can read that post to learn more about a real cryptocurrency whitepaper. On the other hand, you can try to research the Ethereum whitepaper by Vitalik Buteri if you want.