What is X Layer in Crypto?

X Layer is a decentralized network built on Ethereum Layer 2. It ensures a safe and easy blockchain experience for users by utilizing advanced cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs for secure off-chain transaction computations with quick finality.

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The ZKEVM concept can be divided into two parts:

  • ZK (zero-knowledge): Zero-knowledge proof tech can verify a group of transactions with short proofs, ensuring trust and scalability.
  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine): The Ethereum ecosystem has a smart contract execution environment called EVM. It allows Ethereum to run smart contracts and act as a global computing network, setting it apart from Bitcoin, which mainly serves as a digital currency. Moreover, EVM supports various ZKEVMs that utilize zero-knowledge proof technology to improve Ethereum’s functionalities.

Pros of X Layer

It’s constructed using EVM validium, which provides scalability and adaptability in data availability (DA).

  • Lower fees: X Layer does not consume expensive gas (i.e., DA to store transaction data off-chain).
  • ZKP-powered scalability: It’s not bounded by the amount of transaction data that can be published to Ethereum with ZK-validity proofs.
  • Ethereum security: X Layer natively inherits the security of Ethereum, securing user funds from malicious operators.
  • Unified liquidity: X Layer ensures fluid asset transfers across different CDK-developed chains within Polygon 2.0’s layer 2 ecosystem, building a vibrant, efficient, and interconnected digital economy.
  • Near-instant finality: It utilizes cryptographic security to ensure the integrity of transactions, achieving near-instant finality and robust security.
  • Powered by OKX: X Layer provides seamless OKX product integrations, an all-in-one Web3 gateway, and access to 50M users in the OKX ecosystem.
  • Portal to Web3: Enter the world of Web3 via OKX Wallet, built with compact infrastructure modules to create innovative DApps.


Overall, X Layer seems to be a promising development with a focus on solving current blockchain limitations. However, it’s important to consider it’s a relatively new project, so further research is recommended before making any investment decisions.